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Monday, May 07, 2007

Come Decorate From The Floor Up with Thom Filicia in Boston!

If you are in Boston on Saturday, May 11th, consider Decorating From the Floor Up with Thom Filicia, host of Dress My Nest. It's a really fun design seminar with one of Queer Eye's [f.k.a. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy per Wikipedia] Fab Five!

[Disclaimer: Wear-Dated is a sponsor of this event!]

The folks at Karastan came up with Decorating From the Floor Up [Thom will be in two more cities in October - so stay tuned] while thinking about how consumers deal with design projects. Although sources of delight, these projects can also intimidate, frustrate and confuse. So, why not share a master designer's wisdom and take some of the mystery out?

I'm just back from the first event which took place in the stunning Field Museum in Chicago on Saturday May 5th, and will attend the Boston one [which means that I won't be able to attend SOBCon '07 in Chicago taking place the same weekend. Have a tremendous event, Liz and all of those participating! I'll be there in spirit.].

Here are highlights from the first event:

According to Filicia, your home should tell YOUR story. It should look just like you. [By the way, this is how really good retail salespeople describe what their customers are trying to achieve in their homes.] It should be an interesting and smart backdrop for your life. Never be satisfied with an impersonal room! There is nothing worse.

Interior design is often a mystery for people. The first thing Filicia does when he meets people is figure out what makes them tick; who they are and what's important to them. Then, he can explore possibilities with them. He considers himself a "psychologist with a swatch book" [isn't that a great image?].

Great room starts with something that inspires you. Then, use that inspiration throughout the rest of the room. A beatiful rug is a great source of inspiration and an opportunity to bring color, pattern and textures into a room. It's a great way to build a room: simply start with the floor when designing a space [i.e., consider the floor the 5th wall].

The photo above captures the two rugs Thom used as the basis for the two distinct design concepts he created rooms around: Timely and Timeless. Aren't they beautiful? I am mad for the one on the right, called 'Plum Blossom'. The Head Designer whom I met said that consumers have warmly embraced both of these styles.

Timeless consists of a fresh look at traditional. It's beauty, elegance, understated design

Timely represents a more livable version of contemporary -- often perceived as cold and severe -- emphasizing comfort, simplicity and freshness.

Using his design stage [see right photo], Thom pulled all kinds of swatches and samples to demonstrate Timely and Timeless. In addition to the two rugs above, he also showed how broadloom [a.k.a. wall-to-wall] carpet could be used.

Thom was entertaining and warm. He brought members of the audience on stage to participate in the process, answered questions and graciously shared talent. The audience [including those on stage] looked like they had a blast!

My takeaways:
+ Be confident [show your personality with an unexpected color]
+ Pull inspiration from a fun rug
+ Definitely make a personal statement
+ Make sure that the overall effect is comfortable [so you can live in the space!]

If you're in town - or you know anyone with a design project to do or who enjoys the design process - come visit and see how Thom Filicia mixes color, texture, space and ideas to create a comfortable living space. There's still time to register. You'll benefit a great cause - Susan G. Komen for the Cure, have the opportunity to meet Thom Filicia in person and get a new perspective on what's possible from a design perspective.

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Anonymous said...

Great article and i do agree that Thom is great. His philosophy is that, like clothes, jewellery and accessories, interiors should reflect your personality - whether you're fun, relaxed, conservative or adventurous. Interior design may seem a forbidding commitment because of the enormity of the change and the cost and trouble involved. But it should really be fun, reflect your personality and fire your creativity too. Then you will have a true feeling of ownership of the interior, so you'll be happy and productive there. I have had very happy experiences with Domane - they are an excellent firm of interior designers who do very impressive interiors. I have worked with them and they are highly professional and full of ideas:

CB Whittemore said...

Chatter, thanks for visiting and sharing your comments. That feeling of ownership over a space really matters. Your company sounds very interesting.

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