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Sunday, May 20, 2007

E-Book: Chock Full of Wisdom for Graduates

It's deep Spring, a time for graduations, new beginnings and endless possibilities.

And, thanks to Drew McLellan from Drew's Marketing Minute, those new beginnings and endless possibilities now have plentiful wisdom, directions, advice and suggestions to offer those about to enter the working world.

If you remember from Words of Wisdom For Graduates, I shared with you Drew's vision, his invitation and my contribution.

Well, the most brilliant minds in the blogosphere responded to Drew's challenge and the result is now available - in two formats! He makes those available in Helping college grads get a job - FREE e-book: "50 pages of sage advice. All for grads. All for free."

I also include them here. The gem -- and to me the Must Distribute format -- includes photos [3.36 mb]: Download collegegrads.pdf. Or, the text only version [300 kb] : Download collegegradsnofoto.pdf

Here follow those who contributed wisdom to this e-book for graduates:

Aaron Potts, Andy Brudtkuhl, Andy Nulman, Andy Wibbels, Ann Handley, Ann Michael, Anne Simons, Becky Carroll, Bob Glaza, C.B. Whittemore, Carolyn Manning, Chris Cree, Christine Brown, CK, Darren Barefoot, David Reich, Delaney Kirk, Derek Tutschulte, Designer Mike, Doug Karr, Doug Mitchell, Drew McLellan, Joan Schramm, Kevin Hillstrom, Lewis Green, Liz Strauss, Mario Sundar, Mark Goren, Mark True, Mary Schmidt, Nick Rice, Patrick Schaber, Paul McEnany, Phil Gerbyshak, Roberta Rosenberg, Roger von Oech, Rosa Say, Seth Godin, Sharon Sarmiento, Stephanie Weaver, Steve Miller, Steve Sisler, Terry Starbucker, Toby Bloomberg, Tony D. Clark, Valeria Maltoni

I encourage you - whether a graduate or not - to download and read the e-book. And then, be sure to share it freely. The wisdom is sound and comes from many hearts.

Thank you, Drew!

[Pictured above are my recent-graduate nephew, my soon-to-be-graduate niece, and my future-graduate daughter.]

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