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Friday, June 15, 2007

Half Full or Half Empty?

Definitely totally full to almost overflowing!

Tom Vander Well from QAQNA recently tagged me in Is Your Glass Half-Full? referring to Ramblings From a Glass Half-Full's Terry Starbucker and What's in Your Glass (The Starbucker Meme)?

In thinking about what is in my glass, I decided to focus on what gets me going in the morning. Some other day, I'll address the other dayparts....

Terry asks that we answer the following questions:

1. How full is your glass?
2. What kind of glass is it?
3. What's in the glass?
4. Reasons for #1, #2, and #3

For #1, see above.

For #2, well, my glass is a carefully crafted ceramic mug created by my husband. He's a potter and pays careful attention to shape, weight, balance, texture and the overall visual aesthetics. I like a lot of coffee at the beginning of the day, so this mug holds the right quantity without being too heavy.

[The goal of a good potter is to create the lightest pot possible without affecting the integrity of the vessel, but that also looks the weight that it is. No surprises for the user.]

For #3, I drink coffee in the morning with .... lots of milk. Probably 2/3 milk to 1/3 coffee. I heat the milk up separately before adding the coffee and the end result should smell like caramel. No sugar. [Note: If I'm on the road, a venti non-fat Starbucks latte does the trick.]

My reasons for all of the above?
Morning sets the stage for the whole day which I see full of possibilities - ideas to absorb and share, gnarly issues to unravel, delightful surprises and unexpected improbabilities. The more I engage all of my senses, the faster my brain gets into a groove. So, holding my husband's mug in both hands, feeling the surface texture, while inhaling the smell of caramel coffee and admiring the abstract glaze patterns offers me a full sensory experience in anticipation of endless possibilities for the day!

I wonder what Brain Based Biz's Robyn McMaster would say?

For a marvelous visual interpretation of Starbucker's question, do visit Elizabeth Perry's woolgathering: half full. And, consider letting me know whether your glass is half full or half empty. How would your customers describe your glass? Would the two match?

In turn, I tag:
Reshma Anand from Qualitative Research Blog
Laurence-Helene from Blog Till You Drop!
Lori di Magno from Moda di Magno Blog for Stylish Living
Marc Goren from Transmission Content + Creative
Matt Dickman from Techno//Marketer

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Anonymous said...

Way ahead of you, C.B. (Well, not that ahead of you!) My Starbucker post is here: http://tinyurl.com/2y2tnp

I like your answers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, C.B.!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for joining in the fun. Wow! Your husband does some very nice work. Does he sell his mugs?

CB Whittemore said...

Mark, you are way ahead of me. I like your answers, too.

You are welcome, Elizabeth!

Tom, this was great fun! Thanks for the tag. Yes, he does sell them. Send me an email and I will put you in touch. Each is one of a kind, but equally pleasing to hold and use.

Anonymous said...

Hey C.B Thanks for Tagging Me - I will have a think about the meme. It certainely is an interesting one!

Robyn McMaster, PhD said...

Hi C.B., the realization that your senses are highly engaged in the morning is right on. When you give your brain a great rest, it works at optimum for you. Try sleeping on a question and night and see what you might discover in the morning. :-)

Thanks for a great question. The answer comes from Ireland this evening. Just so happens I had a great cup of Irish tea served in a white china pot.

CB Whittemore said...

Robyn, how delicious! Thanks for adding your perspective - from Ireland, no less.

Anonymous said...

C.B. -- Thank you for tagging me with this, I am sorry that I'm so late in seeing it. I will post on this later today.

CB Whittemore said...

Matt, no worries! You'll get to it when you have a chance and I know you will totally do it justice!

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