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Friday, June 29, 2007

What Trail Does Your Brand Leave?

Do you see what I saw in this photo?

I know it's not the best shot, but I sure giggled when I sat down for dinner in Aberdeen, NC and noticed that.... the Mouse had been there.

A group of us had gone to visit Gulistan Carpet Mills. They have developed some beautiful new carpet styles made with our new Wear-Dated Natural Nylon carpet fiber, and we were looking forward to an intense marketing session.

Now, Aberdeen North Carolina is not the largest place in the world, although it has history and a lot of charm. A big claim to fame is being located so close to Pinehurst, NC.

Our group, then, walked into this fine establishment, got seated and had our meal. Although I sat at the very far end of the table, some distance away from this marvelous piece of artwork, something caught my eye.... Mouse ears! And not just one set, but also another. [See it? In the movie camera.]

I felt like Sherlock Holmes deep in pursuit of a trail. Where there others?

I wandered around and quickly came upon an alcove filled with memorabilia. The most intense collection of GI Joes I have ever seen. And ... a shelf with a multitude of Mickey Mouse related items.

Pretty cool!

This trail started for me with I Have Met The Mouse. Something tells me that I am far from reaching the end. After all, I've even started looking for the Mouse in the clouds!

Going back to the Mickey in the alcove, isn't it fascinating to observe how Mickey has evolved over the years? The connection remains strong, but he has definitely changed to remain relevant to the time and place we live in today. I wonder how different he will look 30 or 40 years from now?

What about your brand? How is it evolving? Does it create a similar brand trail? Do your customers encounter signs of you in unexpected places? Do they look for signs of you? And, do they then think of you with delight and come back to you asking for more?

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Anonymous said...

interesting, what you may have here is either a really imprinted brand image that you see innocently and coincidentally or a guerilla marketing excercise where an artist or advertiser would surreptitiously draw on another brand to promote their own.

Here in London, that is how 'Banksy' one of the countries most famous graffiti artists has made his name..

CB Whittemore said...

Nesh, what a fascinating interpretation and example. Thanks for your comments.

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