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Monday, July 23, 2007

Connecting Via 8 Random Things About Me

Lucky Eight originally uploaded by pattybarratt.
I've been tagged. Not once, but five times...

Would you believe that I hoped to accumulate 8 tags before sharing 8 random things about me?

Seriously, though, a crazy travel schedule made it difficult to immediately acknowledge One Reader At A Time's Bob Glaza's tag in Pursuing Happiness - Tag you're it, My 2 Cents' David Reich's tag in Tag, I'm It, closely followed by Sticky Figure's Steve Woodruff's tag in Tagged for 8 Things, and Conversation Agent Valeria Maltoni's tag in 8 Random Things About (Brand) Me, and now Greg Verdino's tag in Meme Games Are Gr8!.

In Tag, I'm It! , I shared 5 things about me. This time, although I share 8 more things, rather than be randomly non-sequitur, I prefer to use my 'things' to connect with friends in the blogosphere!

Here goes:

Valeria Maltoni has to be the ultimate Renaissance Woman. I feel a strong cultural connection with her, and thought she would appreciate my musical quirkiness. When I work, I prefer to listen to classical music - oftentimes Baroque. Next comes Bluegrass, especially with the mandolin [David Grisman and Jerry Garcia playing together are the best!]. Other times, I love the weekday programming from WFUV [just like Terry Starbucker!]

David Reich - captures the essence of the ultimate New Yorker - not to mention the consummate PR professional. I believe he would appreciate that not only do I celebrate 20 Year Relationships, but I've started my 25th year living in the NYC area, and my 15th year with the same company -- the whole time involved in some aspect of Wear-Dated. Although I was born in DC, I have lived in the Bronx and Brooklyn -- just a few blocks from where my Dad was born and just a street away from where he grew up. [BTW, he has a PhD in Intellectual History. His dissertation addressed Tocqueville's approach to history. If you need a freelance historian, let me know.]

Who else enjoys spinning? No, not that kind of spinning [although I've seen lots of beautiful spinning equipment]; this kind of spinning! I know that Bob Glaza loves cycling and like to think that I share some of his cycling zen while spinning.

Do you remember the dancing baby from Ally McBeal? BL Ochman in 10 Best Geeky Dance Videos reminded me of a time - my first big Wear-Dated upholstery summit in 1998 - when I agreed to be videotaped doing the dancing baby. This was then prominently featured at our final night dinner event in the candids. All for the greater good of the brand [Hmmmm, I wonder if Image Zone has that in digital format?]. Perhaps that explains my willingness to Elf Myself?

Like Steve Woodruff, I love puddingstone.

Greg, I had a [minor] accident practicing for my driver's license -- somewhat comparable to your Disney World speeding ticket? [I blame it on the automatic transmission I was forced to use for the test -- my Mom taught me using a stick shift].

I love airplanes, trains - as Arun Rajagopal knows - and firetrucks [so does my daughter!]. My preferred airplane seating is by the window, allowing me to gaze out the window, headset on playing my iPod favorites, watching for cloud or geographic patterns. I do some of my best thinking from there, not to mention tons of uninterrupted reading!

Finally, Drew and Gavin, The Age of Conversation is the most amazing experience! It's a first from so many perspectives as well as a live case study in how powerful social media can be in rallying people from far reaches of the globe, in seemingly unrelated fields, around a wonderful cause: our children and our future. What an honor to be a part of something that is so much greater than the sum of the individual 103 parts. If you haven't already, buy the book. You won't regret it! [It's also the reason that I am getting to know Anna Farmery, who started this meme via Lew Green!]

Borrowing from Greg, I tag from The Age Of Conversation:
- Ryan Rassmussen
- Katie Chatfield
- Craig Wilson
- I can't believe that Ann Handley hasn't yet been tagged

And, from Peter Kim's top marketer list, I tag:
- Peter Kim
- The Marketing Excellence Blog's Eric Kinst
- Bernaisesource's Dan Greenfield
- AttentionMax's Max Kalehoff

And, for those of you who haven't been 'tagged', consider how you might use this kind of approach to bring your employees closer together. What about to engage customers in conversation and better understand how you add value to their lives?

How does what you do connect with them?

It's an interesting way to cement relationships.

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Anonymous said...

CB, I love your approach to this meme! Making connections is truly key to your successful blog. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the challenge!

lakedaemon said...

I'll admit that I have caught on quite late to memes and don't fully understand how and why they exist other than a networking exercise. How do you find out whether you are tagged, and how does this differ from chain letters, which has some kind of social stigma attached to it?

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing is such a unique way. I tagged more than a few of those you mentioned. I was first tagged several months ago by a British friend.

Robyn McMaster, PhD said...

C.B. I love the unique jazz you brought to this meme!

Anonymous said...


I am not surprised you'd be tagged by so many people. You are easy to like and admire.

Ah, the Renaissance person showing up again ;-) There's a fun story behind that. One day I'll share, over a bottle of wine. Speaking of which, when are we getting together again?

To Becky -- the red wine is from all over the world. Even a nice Meritage from CA.

CB Whittemore said...

Thanks, Becky! I love it that you got tagged 5x, too!

Katie, I know that you are more that up to it! Plus, you get to circulate it down under.

Nesh, next time, I'll make sure to tag you so you can experience one firsthand! Usually, you find out via a google alert. It's not just networking, but also giving your readers a chance to learn more about you -- which has nothing to do with chain letters.

Lew, Anna is delightful! I hope to be talking to her more soon.

Thank you, Robyn!

CB Whittemore said...

Valeria, I look forward to hearing your Renaissance story. I have one of my own to share very soon. I'll be in touch.

Anonymous said...


Excellent new twist to the meme! As for Age...you're right, it's a wonderful project and I know that I speak for Gavin when I say without you and the other authors, we'd never have gotten off the ground.

Thank you for your passion and participation!


CB Whittemore said...

Drew,I'm willing to bet that all of the authors feel the same way: we are delighted to be a part of this! Thanks for visiting.

Unknown said...

hi c.b.:
thanks so much for the mention. it's great to be included in a group of such talented women. will try hard to keep up!

CB Whittemore said...

Anne, it's a pleasure to encounter another talented woman blogger! I look forward to trying to keep up with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi CB,

Thanks for the tag. I picked up on it a while ago and have been meaning to pass it on...but haven't had the time or energy to do so. I know this sounds odd, but didn't want you to think the mention had gone unnoticed - thanks!

CB Whittemore said...

Peter, no worries! I know exactly how you feel, and appreciate the acknowledgement.

Bob G said...

C.B. - you've outdone yourself on this post - outstanding! Plus I find you to be a bluegrass fan - keep flooring us!

CB Whittemore said...

Bob, you are too kind! Thank you.

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