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Friday, June 27, 2008

8 More Things Meme - With a Social Media Slant

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When Mark Goren tagged me at the beginning of the year in 8 more things, I was stumped. What might I share?

But, then, I got to thinking about social media.

I really enjoyed the social media angle that Mark expresses in his blogpost. Plus, I've been living and breathing social media more than I ever thought possible, particularly in the last few months. Yet, I'm still figuring it out.

So, I got to thinking some more and wondering... and decided to morph this meme as follows:

What are 8 ways in which you've used social media? These can be your success stories, suggestions on how to use new social media vehicles to improve on older ones, or even mistakes that taught you how to make sense of it all....

1. Today, June 27, represents a personal social media milestone. It corresponds to Flooring The Consumer's 2nd blog birthday, and The Carpetology Blog's 6 month birthday. Regretfully, the Wear-Dated website - which has strong social quality - launch day of 5/30/08 missed the 27th by 3 days. It's almost one month old!

2. Matt Dickman sold me on the Flip Video Series Camcorder at the October 2007 MarketingProfs B2B conference. [See have you googled yourself?] It took me a while to figure out how best to use it [video can really intimidate], but during Blogger Social '08 I broke out of my cocoon to launch the YouTube series titled "A Foot's Perspective?" No faces. Only feet. It's still evolving.

3. I'm figuring out Facebook. I realize that carpet isn't the most buzzable topic, but I remain optimistic... I've created a Facebook page for Wear-Dated, and my very first group for Friends of Wear-Dated. Care to join? By the way, Jason Alba has - as usual - terrific tips!

4. I'm taking to Twitter, to such a point that I've modified my background. Blogger Social helped make it meaningful. I'm also frustrated with it. I don't want to just be Broadcasting with 'Social' Media, but I also find it really difficult to monitor the conversations. I'm just now giving Twhirl a whirl. Is Plurk the answer? The interface is fascinating.

5. I haven't figured out how to manage all of the streams of interaction. And, given the pace of the past few months, I've had to let some things slide.... Which complicates the catching up process. I'm not sure about Friendfeed for integrating the various tools, but really appreciate Steve Woodruff's post asking Where is the Ideal Social Media Interface? Check out his really fancy graphics.

6. LinkedIn is getting more dimensional, especially with the creation of groups. But, it's still quite formal. I find that a soothing counterpoint to all of the other exciting tools out there.

7. Animoto has been on my horizon ever since Mark Goren created the Blogger Social video. Especially after taking so many pictures of shoes and feet at my friend Claudia's wedding in Morelia, MX in April. Here is my first go. I'll take it through a few more versions [I have a LOT more pictures than appear here] before posting it as an official Carpetology video, but I'm pleased with the overall effect...

8. Despite all of the novelty on the social media scene, it's even more important for those of us experimenting with these conversational tools to not forget that there remains a big world out there for whom this stuff is confusing. And that the end goal is to enable and facilitate conversation. When it gets too complicated [i.e., having to upload yet another profile] or too distracting [i.e, read this New York Times article titled Fighting a War Against Distraction], then we miss the boat. So, it's important to integrate the new tools with the old tools. To figure out how to showcase that it truly is friendly and conversational and all about making traditional face-to-face interactions that much stronger.

That's certainly what I got out of Blogger Social 2008, BlogHer Business '08 and Marketing Profs B2B 2007.

Given the social media nature of this meme, I'm particularly interested in hearing how the following are using social media to experiment and communicate better, smarter, and more intuitively than ever before....

+ Marketing Diva Toby keeps all of us on our business toes, most recently examining twitter business feeds for Atlanta. Cool!
+Lolly has used social media to redefine herself from researcher to advertising planner
+ Personal Branding Blogger Dan Schawbel interviews the author mentioned in the NYT article above in Will Our Personal Brands Enter a Dark Age of Distraction? [how perfect!]
+ Paul Chaney uses Facebook [and others] in amazing ways
+ Tangerine Toad's Alan Wolk brings together advertising, marketing and Web 2.0
+ Mack Collier methodically dissects social media tools in The Viral Garden and MP's DailyFix
+ Steve Woodruff, recent videographer and existentialist
+ Connie Reece manages to be actively involved in all of the cool places. How do you do it?
+ Katie Chatfield whose passion for celebrating goodness, the positive and others, in the most concise way possible, inspires me.

So many of you have inspired me [Mike Sansone, Ann Handley, CK, Valeria Maltoni, Drew McLellan, Gavin Heaton, and many more...] and I invite you, too, to participate in this discussion.

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