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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Come Check Out The New Wear-Dated Website!

Hurray! The newly updated and redesigned Wear-Dated website is live. I invite you to come check it out!

And, since in May Carpetology Update, I alluded to a touch of pink and a hint of toes... I proudly feature those here. After all, it's only fair that I share that vision with you.

For many of you, it should be no surprise that our original vision started with wanting the Wear-Dated website to reflect the look, feel and tone of our By The Foot marketing campaign.

But, then the vision grew.

"What if....," we thought.

What if - given all that is happening as a result of Web 2.0 enabling conversational marketing, and the creation of communities - what if we could incorporate some of that in our new Wear-Dated website?

And, then, "what if" turned into our new Wear-Dated website...

We decided to make the site straight-forward and easy to navigate. Anyone visiting can learn what's important about carpet, start planning and designing [with the help of several interactive tools], find carpet and learn how best to care for carpet. Although much of this information existed on the previous site, we've changed the tone of the content. We've also gone into more depth and can easily create additional content or enhance existing content with links to Carpetology [or Flooring The Consumer] as the information develops and conversations take place with experts like Tom Jennings and others.

There's also a Newsroom.

And, if you can't find something, try searching. You can do so from any page, and the Newsroom has a special search option.

Unlike the previous site, here we only use Flash for our Pink Toes, and to expose you to Wear-Dated's Beauty. Comfort. Durability. Everything else is searchable.

On the home page, we feature specific Wear-Dated products. Those will vary over time and allow us to better tell the Wear-Dated story of Beauty. Comfort. Durability. Registered visitors can rate and comment on individual carpet styles. They can also rate and comment on their experiences with retailers. [See comment policy.]

Each page can be printed or shared - via email, or the social web [e.g., Technorati, Digg, Del.icio.us, StumbleUpon! or even Facebook].

Each page includes specific calls to action and ultimately to the 'Find Carpet Retailers' option that includes Google mapping.

I'm particularly proud of the Newsroom. Not only can we post press releases, but we also have a place where we can talk about the People [not just the Women] of Wear-Dated, post our documents, include any media, showcase upcoming contests, promotions and newsletters, and generally talk about What's New With Wear-Dated.

In the Newsroom, you can also subscribe, via RSS or email for updates...


I'd love to hear your reactions. I hope you'll visit, register [which allows you to comment and receive our upcoming newsletters], and possibly even Digg or Stumble! us. And maybe even tell others about us.

I would greatly appreciate it!

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Robyn McMaster, PhD said...

Hi, C.B. I visited your "Wear Dated" website and I find it pretty awesome. Congrats on a fine job.

CB Whittemore said...

Robyn, thanks so much for checking it out! And, also for joining the Friends of Wear-Dated Facebook group. I appreciate it very much.

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