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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Great Round The World Envelope Race

I have been on pins and needles even since hearing that the Great Round The World Envelope Race has begun... and that an envelope is headed my way.

I'm the first stop on a round-the-world journey [I hope in less than eighty days] for Team Power Tac's envelope. We compete against Team Manila.

Some background: New Guardian - a British envelope company - believes passionately in the envelope and its importance. And, in conjunction with Pushing the Envelope, they have decided to organize an international cultural envelope race with the help of bloggers from around the world! The aim of this campaign is to challenge the perception that envelopes are boring.

Stop for a minute.

Do you believe envelopes are boring? I love envelopes. I love mail. I love stamps. I love the sense of anticipatory excitement when I get mail. Unfortunately, as I've evolved, matured, progressed up Maslow's hierarchy of needs, I've noticed that the envelopes I receive aren't as exciting as they once were.... Bills, invoices, requests for money, and other dreary and unexciting pieces of mail fill my mailbox.

Not so for this envelope!

The envelope will be sent from the UK - with details posted on the Pushing the Envelope blog along with companion posts on team member sites - and travel to the USA [me], Australia, Italy, France and Belgium before returning to the UK!

Here are the members of Brilliant Team Power Tac [in addition to me]...

In Australia - Jodi's blog - Lightening - captures marvelous detail on the intricacies of life. It's filled with detail and photos about travelling with her family and nuggets of interest that matter to her, and her readers.

In Italy - Simone is a talented web-designer who lives in Milan and blogs about Marketing Buzz, turning case studies into mini-adventures! Her blog is Da grande saro una pizzulata.

In France – Nicolas is passionate about the Internet, music, American TV series, and anything to do with the 1980s. His blog Je tube is considered ‘le must read blog for a nostalgic trip down memory lane!

In Belgium – Vincent, who is at the forefront of Social Media and cutting edge technologies, is the ‘early-adopter’ extraordinaire – and has kept many an avid follower in up-to-the-minute information about all things 2.0. His blog is Le blog de Vincent Battaglia.

As the package travels, it will deliver the unexpected. As each recipient opens the envelope, s/he will be surprised by what the sender included, and then include a new item for the next recipient.

I'm still in Phoenix. I hope my envelope waits for me to return to New Jersey before arriving. I can't wait to receive my envelope. When I do, I will share with you the experience of opening the Great Round The World Envelope for a Race that captures both Web 2.0 and old world versions of conveying information.

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Anonymous said...

I sent the envelope last Friday so it should hopefully be with you very soon!

Good luck Team Power Tac!

CB Whittemore said...

Thanks, Lolly! The envelope has arrived and I've just gotten it on its way to Australia - the next stop for Team Power Tac!

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