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Saturday, October 18, 2008

MarketingProfs Digital Mixer: Here I Come!

Time is flying! I thought I had at least another week before the MarketingProfs Digital Mixer. Nonetheless, here I come.  I'm ready. Ready to learn about SEO, social media and innovative marketing. Ready to improve.  Ready to mingle with some of the best minds around...

Imagine, Mack Collier may do me the honor of reviewing Flooring The Consumer [oh, I hope he's gentle!]. I finally get to meet Becky Carroll, and I can't wait to hear Rohit Bhargava, be inspired by Gary Vaynerchuck and many others!

[For more on what I'm looking forward to, read Ann Handley: Who's Going to Scottsdale? Christine Whittemore.]

Speaking of the best minds around, I'm about a month late sharing details about the NYC September meetup coinciding with Arun Rajagopal's layover on the way back to Oman from San Antonio... 

Present [as you can see in the photo above] were CK, John Rosen, Chris Kieff, Kristen Gorski, David Reich and me. I hadn't seen Kristen since Blogger Social and really enjoyed talking with her. John Rosen is fun to discuss politics with.  Congrats, Chris Kieff on your new position.

More timely accounts of the evening appeared in A stop on the way home and Stopwatch Marketing is a Bestseller in India!

I'm also thrilled that I had a chance to meet up with Toby Bloomberg during my September trip to Atlanta. The gracious Diva made time despite having just flown in just a few hours earlier, and taking off again to BlogWorld a few days later. [Do read her account of happenings at BlogWorld.] Thank you, Toby!

MarketingProfs Digital Mixer: I'm ready.  Here I come!


Toby said...

CB - What a great time you'll have in Phoenix. The MPDM sounds like the whose who of social media .. both presenters and attendees.

So enjoyed our quiet dinner in Atlanta .. thanks for making time during your hectic work trip. Hope you're in town next month when I fly into your fair city.

CB Whittemore said...

Toby, it was a blast. Still digesting all of the learnings. I'm working on the NYC details. Can't wait to see you again!

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