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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Announcing Bathroom Blogfest '08: Cleaning Up Forgotten Spaces Around Us

The Bathroom Blogfest is back for 2008!

This is the third year that we draw attention to the customer experience by highlighting how forgotten places - like bathrooms - should receive the kind of tender loving care that customers appreciate and want to associate with you.

Yeah? So what?

Because how well you manage bathrooms and other similar forgotten spaces communicates critical information to customers... about what kind of treatment they can expect from you during their initial transaction and throughout a longterm relationship with you.

The long and the short of it is that bathrooms matter. And the Bathroom Blogfest represents an opportunity to demonstrate how much they matter.

Here's what I anticipate addressing during this week's Bathroom Blogfest '08 - Cleaning Up Forgotten Spaces Around Us...

+ Trends in Bathrooms - it's good to know where bathrooms are headed so you can be prepared.
+ Dressing Rooms - the next most forgotten space after bathrooms.
+ Luxury Bathrooms - oh, wait til you catch some of these!
+ Bathroom inspired art - both eye-catching and thought-provoking...
+ Fear and the Bathroom - for Halloween!
+ Bathroom inspired marketing.

The word is already out about Bathroom Blogfest '08:
+ Lolly was the first with Bathroom Blogfest ‘08 - Cleaning Up Forgotten Spaces Around
+ Shannon posted about it in Floor Talk Invited to Participate in Bathroom Blogfest with WearDated
+ Darryl provocatively posted blog while you lay a log.
+ The latest is from David with Facebook The 2008 Bathroom Blogfest - Cleaning Up Forgotten Spaces All Around Us.

Please join us to raise awareness about the importance of the customer experience during Bathroom Blogfest '08 week. Share your experiences with us. Join the conversation via comments, through your own blogposts, join the Facebook event, get the word out on via Twitter and YouTube and post photos on Flickr. I guarantee you will learn a lot, have fun, and definitely view your customer retail experience with renewed appreciation and perspective! Each blogger participating has her own take on how the bathrooms affect the customer experience...

Visit the following bloggers for Bathroom Blogfest ’08 updates:
Susan Abbott at Customer Experience Crossroads
Katia Adams at Transcultural Marketing
Shannon Bilby at Floor Talk!
Laurence Borel at Blog Till You Drop
Jo Brown and the blogging team at Kohler Talk
Lisbeth Calandrino at Lisbeth Calandrino
Sara Cantor at The Curious Shopper
Becky Carroll at Customers Rock!
Katie Clark at Practical Katie
Iris Shreve Garrott at Circulating
Ann Handley at Annarchy
Marianna Hayes at Results Revolution
Elizabeth Hise and C.B. Whittemore at The Carpetology Blog
Maria Palma at Customers Are Always
Sandra Renshaw at Purple Wren
Kate Rutter at Adaptive Path
Claudia Schiepers at Life and its little pleasures
Carolyn Townes at Becoming a Woman of Purpose
Stephanie Weaver at Experienceology
C.B. Whittemore at Flooring The Consumer

For a taste of past posts, read Flooring The Consumer's posts from Bathroom Blogfest '06 and '07.

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