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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The 2008 Groundswell Results Are In!

The results are in! Forrester has announced the 2008 Forrester Groundswell Awards Winners. Although My Forrester Groundswell Awards Submission in the Talking category didn't make the list of winners, I'm so pleased to have taken part.

First, the entry generated more fantastic reviews and testimonials for The Carpetology Blog than I could ever hope for - in my wildest dreams! I recaptured all 14 of them in Groundswell Reviews & Carpetology Testimonials - Thanks and express my thanks to you, too, as many of you contributed.

Next, the experience of preparing and submitting the entry had me thinking about The Carpetology Blog in different terms. There's nothing quite like having to quantify an effort to make you appreciate it in a different light...

Finally, there's another aspect of the process definitely worth appreciating: learning from the entries submitted. Consider - in the talking category - the list of finalists alone. It's impressive! From Finalists for the Forrester Groundswell Awards, they include:

Here is the list of winners across the other categories:
+ Listening: Mattel's The Playground Community by Communispace.
+ Energizing: Hershey's Bliss House Party by House Party.
+ Supporting: Nerd Network by National Instruments.
+ Embracing: MyStarbucksIdea.com by Starbucks.
+ Managing: Borderless Workplace by Accenture.
+ Social Impact: Brooklyn Museum for all three entries: ArtShare Facebook App, Brooklyn Museum's Click Exhibition, and Brooklyn Museum Posse
+ Company Transformation: Intuit for four entries: TurboTax Inner Circle, Quickbooks — Just Start Contest, Quickbooks Community Site and TurboTax Live Community

I urge you to review these winning entries so you can learn from them.

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