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Monday, November 03, 2008

The Carpetology Roundup - October 2008

What a month October 2008 has been! And because of Bathroom Blogfest '08 - Cleaning Out Forgotten Spaces Around Us, what a week!

Time, then, for The Carpetology Blog Roundup for October, 2008!

[If you are new to Flooring The Consumer, The Carpetology Blog is the official Wear-Dated blog about all things carpet... design, inspiration, care and stories carpet-related. Please do check it out and let me know what you think... ]

During October, here's what happened at The Carpetology Blog...

First, Bathroom Blogfest '08. This marks the first year that The Carpetology Blog has participated. Many thanks to Elizabeth Hise for being so actively involved with me.

+ Bathroom Blogfest '08 - Cleaning Up Forgotten Spaces Around Us
+ Bathroom Blogfest '08 - Potty Parity
+ Bathroom Blogfest '08 - How Hotels Inspire Me
+ Bathroom Blogfest '08 - Great Flooring Store Examples
+ Bathroom Blogfest '08 - Art of Living
+ Bathroom Blogfest '08 - Critical Resources For When You're On The Go [Carpet Shopping?]
+ For the sake of completeness, Bathroom Blogfest '08 - Recap

We also both took part in Blog Action Day 2008 - Poverty.

Here's practical advice about taking care of carpet stains and maintaining carpet:
+ Spooktacular Stains - Removing the Remnants of Halloween
+ A Foot's Perspective - Episode 15: How To Remove Carpet Stains
+ Annette's Carpet Corner: Carpet Patches vs. Redyeing

There's definitely renewed interest in the fashionability of carpet. Did you see the October issue of Domino Magazine Decorating Mini Guide: Carpet? We certainly believe in beautiful carpet styles and enjoy writing about them as you can read in Karastan Carpet Styles Featured on WearDated.com. We also like to share carpet design ideas as we come across them. For example, in A Foot's Perspective - Episode 14, I show you how my Mom does it. And, in Design Reviews from the Floor Up: Apartment Therapy, Elizabeth shares inspiration from another of her favorite design sites.

Stay with me here, but perhaps you would consider Carpet: The Solution for Uncertain Economic Times? particularly if some of those carpet styles feature Wear-Dated, Scotchgard™ Protector & Advanced Protection for Carpet? I think it's worth mulling over.

Finally, we encourage customers in the Suwanee, GA vicinity to visit Atlanta Flooring Design Centers: Passionate About Customers. I really enjoyed my visit there, and believe you would, too.

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful November!

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