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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Thoughts 2008

Wild Turkeys originally uploaded by Chris Seufert
[©Christopher Seufert Photography].
I treasure Thanksgiving. It's a holiday that celebrates us, as opposed to them or you. It's one where we come together as family and friends to enjoy one another with acceptance and few pretenses, sharing gifts from the heart.

This year, there's another aspect of Thanksgiving that I appreciate. Perhaps you do, too.

I find that Thanksgiving holds the world and all of its turmoil at bay for a few days - long enough to catch our breath and be ready for another onslaught of the out-of-control.

I bet you've had plenty to deal with. We certainly have with the announcement of layoffs in our nylon business. My heart goes out to my many associates affected. Although I realize that at some point the marketplace will settle and get back to healthier levels, I do hate that, in the meantime, things are a mess.

So, this Thanksgiving, I'm grateful to celebrate my seven year old's birthday on Thanksgiving Day, with both of my parents - including my Dad who was released yesterday from the hospital - my sister and her daughter, and my husband. We miss my nephew - he's in Tokyo - but welcome his aunt and our friend, Betsy.

To those of you in the U.S., I wish a very happy Thanksgiving and thank you for your support and encouragement. In turn, I offer you fascinating details about Wild Turkeys, our almost national bird, remind you of my favorite Art Buchwald story titled A Turkey Dinner With French Dressing [from Giving Thanks], and encourage you to check out the updated version of the History of Thanksgiving from the History Channel.

As my daughter did last year in Happy Thanksgiving!, I wish 'all of momma's bloggers' a truly wonderful holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Valeria Maltoni said...

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to you and your family, CB. I hope you had a perfect time celebrating together. I was able to be on the phone with my mother - and that was great.

CB Whittemore said...

Thank you, Valeria. I'm so glad you were able to spend time with your mom. You share a wonderful relationship together.

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