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Friday, April 03, 2009

Links of Note: Digital Marketing [Profs] Inspiration

link originally uploaded by gwennie2006.
These links of note all connect to this week's amazing MarketingProfs Digital Conference. Did you by any chance participate? 13,375 of us did and, as usual, the quality of the content was outstanding and the resulting interaction, inspiring...

Whether you participated or didn't, you should check out Peg Mulligan's Blog and Digital Marketing World: Spring 2009 - Winning Against the Odds. It's a terrific summary.

Ardath Albee's Marketing Interactions in Virtual Events Plus Twitter ROCK! offers an insightful take on how the 'twitter stream' - the live stream of tweets coming from a variety of sources around a common topic [I got a taste for this when I alternated watching the Obama Inauguration online and via network TV] - adds dimension, emotion and connection to an event.

[BTW, have you noticed how Twitter is coming up on CNN, GMA as well as in newsprint? Here's GMA and GMA Weekend on Twitter; note the difference in number of followers. Very interesting to observe it going main 'stream'... ]

Altitude Branding's Amber Naslund [who led a discussion titled "The Anatomy of a Strong Corporate Blog"] posted Oh Yeah? Prove It the day before the conference. She describes both hard metrics and anecdotal evidence to 'quantify and justify' her role with Radian6. As in an offline environment, the momentum you develop from interacting with your marketplace creates engagement, goodwill and opportunity for further engagement...

The topic of measurement inevitably brings to mind KD Paine - another MarketingProfs Digital Conference presenter]; you'll love PR Measurement Interview with Katie Delahaye Paine...

Which Matt Quint from With Us Not At Us also refers to in Some David Plouffe and Katie Paine Takeaways.

I'm inspired. Are you?

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Ardath Albee said...

Hi C.B.

Thanks very much for including my post in your terrific list.


Amber said...

Hi CB!

Thanks so much for passing along the post. I've been getting amazing feedback, questions, and insights from people doing this longer than me, and I learn from them every day. How cool is that?

I was so happy to be part of MPWorld, too. Thanks for being there, and I really hope our paths cross in person one day very soon.


CB Whittemore said...

Ardath, you are more than welcome! I love your summary.

CB Whittemore said...

Amber, it is definitely cool! And I loved your MPWorld panel. I know our paths will cross. Soon, too.

Peg Mulligan said...

Many thanks for including a pointer to my post about MarketProfs Digital Marketing World in your own blog's summary of links, from that amazing virtual experience. It's been great continuing to spread the good word and some of the important points from that information-packed day. Thanks for your help.

CB Whittemore said...

Peg, you are most welcome. It really was an outstanding event.

gwennie2006 said...

Thank you very much for adding the link to my image. I read through your blog, and the links you included. Very Interesting, and thought provoking. The internet can be so cluddered, but with a little fine tuning becomes an extremely valuable resource. I love the little pop-ups for the links too. The pop-up for my image won't load. Maybe you need a better URL to get a screen grab from. Any of these are fine:

...or to the image link from gwennie2006:http://www.flickr.com/photos/GrfxDziner/with/320132594/

I have many images you can use. They are tagged pretty well to find what you may be looking for. Thank you again very much for the link. I hope you find others too.

CB Whittemore said...

gwennie2006, thanks for stopping by and leaving the alternate links for your image - which is fantastic! I also appreciate your feedback on the snapshots. Sometimes they do take a while to load, although eventually they come up... I agree with you on the value that the kind of fine tuning you do with tags has for finding relevant info on the Internet. I think that will become even more critical.

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