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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Simple Marketing Now - Update

Now that I officially have over a full month as Chief Simplifier under my belt [see Big News: Simple Marketing Now LLC], I'm ready to update you on goings on at Simple Marketing Blog, the Blog and Newsroom for Simple Marketing Now.

First - Press Releases.
I'm very pleased to have several noteworthy events to announce.
Second - Background Information Relevant To The Business
Yes, introductory posts like Welcome To The Simple Marketing Blog! and Meet Practical Marketer Christine B. Whittemore, a listing of all of the articles [with links] I've written for FCW in Floor Covering Weekly Columnist Christine B. Whittemore, and also a summary of public speaking opportunities - see Christine B. Whittemore Presentation History.

Third - Posts Relating to My Notion of 'Simple' Marketing
I frequently come across references to simplifying. Simplifiers in the Marketplace and Simplifying Has A Lot To Do With Green give you a sense. It's truly part of a new zeitgeist. Would you let me know how you interpret it for your world?

Practical, effective, simple marketing takes into account that Blogs are now mainstream media." That it is elegant and effective: DC Goodwill Fashion Blog: Simple Marketing In Action. Be sure, though, to avoid Websites Irritants Guaranteed to Drive Visitors Away

On the educational front, I share A Practical Twitter Primer and ExecuNet Presentation: Social Media Primer.

I'm discovering Practical Work Tools and I'm grateful to Susan Abbott for creating and sharing Painless Insight Planning For Market Research. Have you checked it out?

Thank you all for your wonderful encouragement. I appreciate it.

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