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Monday, May 24, 2010

Discount Pricing & The Retail Experience

Jay Ehret, The Marketing SpotI'm curious. What are you doing about discount pricing? And how does it fit into your retail experience?

I ask the question because Jay Ehret from The Marketing Spot asked 13 of us for our take on discount pricing. [See What Should You Do About Discount Pricing?]

What's yours?

Are you needing to do more discounting than you used to? If so, how do you integrate it into your overall retail experience?

How do you maintain profitability and not devalue what you offer to existing customers?

Or, have you come up with alternative solutions to discounting your prices?

I'd love to know your perspectives on pricing and the pressures you're under to discount.

Thanks for sharing.

And thanks to Jay for inviting me to think about discount pricing...


Karin H said...


We try to avoid discounting, never have "discounted offers" etc online or in ads. IMHO it portraits the wrong message (as in cheap is awful, or cheap = business in trouble).

When clients asks for discount we try to make it a two way commitment: ok, you can have your discount, but then you'll have to decide right here and now, pay the first payment too.
The hight of the discount varies per client: how busy are we, how large is the order, can we combine the delivery from our manufacturer/supplier and reduce our freight costs etc.
On the other hand, most clients who ask for discount are happy with a free extra product, or with a small discount (rounding of the total figure to the nearest 50 or 100)

Most importantly: we know when to say no to a client ;-)

Karin H (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

CB Whittemore said...


Thanks for sharing how you go about maintaining consistency in your retail experience. Wonderful examples that you share.


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