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Monday, May 24, 2010

Discount Pricing & The Retail Experience

Jay Ehret, The Marketing SpotI'm curious. What are you doing about discount pricing? And how does it fit into your retail experience?

I ask the question because Jay Ehret from The Marketing Spot asked 13 of us for our take on discount pricing. [See What Should You Do About Discount Pricing?]

What's yours?

Are you needing to do more discounting than you used to? If so, how do you integrate it into your overall retail experience?

How do you maintain profitability and not devalue what you offer to existing customers?

Or, have you come up with alternative solutions to discounting your prices?

I'd love to know your perspectives on pricing and the pressures you're under to discount.

Thanks for sharing.

And thanks to Jay for inviting me to think about discount pricing...


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