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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Updated: Social Flooring Index!

Social Flooring IndexThat's right! The Social Flooring Index has been updated for early 2010...

More specifically:

The Social Flooring Twitter Index

The Social Flooring Facebook Index

The Social Flooring Blog Index

I'd love to hear your reactions...

Note: Graphic above is Social Flooring Index Wordle from Flooring The Consumer


Quality Floors Direct said...

Some of us are just realizing the value of social networking, if done right can really add value to our businesses...we'll all catch up at some point

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your blog. Internet therapy works pretty good,
sometimes. :-) Best of luck to you.

Colorado Springs Carpet

CB Whittemore said...

Quality floors direct and packard, good to hear that you are realizing the value of social networking. It's all about sharing value. Let me know what you discover as you start to engage with your audience.


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