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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wood You Like's Wooden Floor Installation Manual

Wood You Like's Wooden Floor Installation ManualImagine listening so carefully to your customers that their questions inspire you to write a book. That's what Karin Hermans from Wood You Like Ltd in the UK did.

Wooden Floor Installation Manual represents 160 pages of responses to customer questions making it a relevant reference for "everything you need to know about DIY wooden floors".

Karin likens the inspiration for and the creation of the book to her contribution to the latest Age of Conversation 3: It's Time To Get Busy [aka AOC and soon to be available for sale!]. She writes:


The funny thing is - I realised this only afterwards - the book is a perfect example of the thread of my contribution for AoC: building a business one question at the time ;-) The whole book is in fact based on questions we received from our website visitors/prospects etc.

How we are using it? As we used the E-guide last year (65 pages only): giving those who are serious about DIY installation of their own wood floor our experience in the hope they will be confident they can install it like a pro too (or at least know what they are doing, from selecting the floor to tackling most common "installation obstacles". (And of course to tell them about the products we recommend - and sell).

Most of the books already sold are to known contacts; it is now also for sale on amazon.co.uk and amazon.com.

Those "unknown" buyers can request access to our "online extras" - and we can follow-up on them for maintenance products, which we do with all our clients.

Karin H

I admire that Karin has created a benefit for readers through what might otherwise be perceived as a shortcoming: the book contains no visuals. Instead, Wood You Like invites those who purchase the book to view online evergreen photos, pictures and drawings. What a terrific way to integrate the offline and digital experiences for a richer and more informative solution!

Congratulations, Karin and Wood You Like! I wish you great success with Wooden Floor Installation Manual!


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