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Monday, January 03, 2011

NYC's 2010 Holiday Windows

NYC 2009 Holiday Windows - Macy's
Macy's - 2009 Gold Award from DDI Magazine
I love retail store windows - particularly at holiday time - and thought you might enjoy a virtual overview of NYC's 2010 Holiday Windows.

After all, store window displays communicate so much about the retail store within to passers-by: passion, imagination, product selection, commitment to the customer experience... Don't you think?

NYC's 2010 Holiday Windows

The best place to start for this virtual tour is via PSFK's Best of the 2010 NYC Holiday Windows with photos of Bergdorf Goodman, ABC Carpet and Home, Anthropologie, Barneys, Calvin Klein, CITE, Diesel, Dior, Flos, Hermes, Moss, Paul Smith, and Polo Ralph Lauren.

The post links to David Pinter's 2010 Holiday Windows Flickr photo set which you can enjoy via Fashion Trendsetter's Best of the 2010 Holiday Windows. The slideshow is breathtaking!

Bergdorf Goodman's windows were, once again, phenomenal and well covered in articles. By the way, they consider themselves to be in the "Surprise Business" - isn't that delicious?

Bergdorf surprised this year by creating a Holiday Windows Challenge in conjunction with Polyvore. You can read about it in Bergdorf Goodman's blog - 5th/58th - in a post titled And the Winner is...  

Check out the making of those windows in The Classicist: Bergdorf Goodman Unveils High-Tech Holiday Windows [video] titled Follow Me: the Making of Bergdorf Goodman's 2010 Holiday Windows with music by emerging artist Audrianna Cole [love her "Follow Me"!]. Note that the post refers to QR Codes for an online gift finder and the Follow Me video. Very cool.

Here is Sphere Trending's post: Holiday Trendspotting - Bergdorf Goodman.

Macy's NYC Holiday windows captured the magic via Virginia [Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus] and a 1000 reasons to Believe. Check out these resources:
Speaking of Bloomingdale's, not everyone liked theirs: Bloomingdale's Holiday Display: a New Low for all Windows

This display reminds me of the kind of magnificent timed spectaclesI've encountered in Las Vegas: Saks Fifth Ave Snowflake & Bubble 3D projection 2010

Having [virtually] seen all of this, it's no surprise, then, to read eMarketer's take on how department stores have incorporated technology into their Holiday window displays in an article titled "Department Stores Take Digital Out-of-Home Marketing to New Heights". Most fascinating is the deliberate integration of technology to give shoppers a reason to visit physical stores rather than shop entirely online - aka 'digital out-of-home' marketing. Talk about creating a memorable retail experience for customers!

2009 NYC Holiday Windows

To Put the 2010 NYC Holiday Windows into perspective, I thought I'd share with you 2009 Holiday Windows Itinerary  - Department Store Christmas Displays as well as a few photos I took at the end of the 2009 Holiday season, when I took my daughter in to NYC to check out the windows.

In her mind, Macy's was number one [she loved the focus on Letters to Santa and the interactive displays], Lord & Taylor second [you can't beat the amazingly detailed storytelling that L&T does at Christmas] and Saks a very distant third with what seemed to be overly commercial references to Microsoft in every single window.

NYC 2009 Holiday Windows - L&T
Lord & Taylor's window
NYC 2009 Holiday Windows - More L&T
More Lord & Taylor
NYC 2009 Holiday Windows - another L&T
More yet of Lord & Taylor's windows
NYC 2009 Holiday Windows - Macy's
Macy's window
NYC 2009 Holiday Windows - Macy's Santa Letter
Macy's Write a Letter to Santa Device
How's this story for reinforcing a brand's commitment to the customer experience? Lego Shop Rushes Watch to Child's Door for Christmas.

I'd love to hear your take on Holiday Windows. What trends did you observe as you checked out Holiday windows in your neck-of-the-woods? How have you integrated some of those observations into your own windows to create memorable 'out-of-home' retail experiences?

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