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Monday, January 10, 2011

Simple Marketing Now Update - December 2010

Simplify Your Marketing!


Happy New Year!  How did your first week of 2011 go? I enjoyed getting back into the swing. I had so much going on that it felt more as if three weeks had gone by rather than one. Several friends said they felt the same...

Here follows the December 2010 update from Simple Marketing Now with posts categorized into Social Media Marketing Resources and Simple Marketing News.

[If you are new to Flooring The Consumer, I also write the Simple Marketing Blog where I discuss marketing strategy and creative, practical, simple marketing approaches and share best practices - many of which may be relevant to you and your business as you consider what's possible. The blog also acts as newsroom for Simple Marketing Now.]

Simple Marketing News for December 2010

Coverings 2010 was an amazing experience during which I met several talented designers and retailers. It also let to the following profile that friend Veronika Miller shared: Modenus Writes About New Friend CB Whittemore. I'm so pleased that I'll be returning to Coverings in 2011...

This post needs no explanation: Wishing You The Best For the Holidays!

Social Media Marketing Resources:

Having covered Twitter and LinkedIn, the TalkFloor Social Media Marketing series has moved on to Google. In this next interview with Dave Foster, I explore Google for Visibility: TalkFloor Social Media Marketing Series. We covered a lot of territory in the interview. If you listen in, will you let me know what resonated most?

If you're intrigued with Twitter, I recommend that you explore Twitter Chats. Here's why and How:  How Do I : Twitter Chat?

On the content marketing front, I contributed perspectives in the following posts:
Finding Internal Content Marketing Allies
13 Inspiring Content Marketing Examples

What to create a LinkedIn profile that stands out? You'll enjoy this summary of LinkedIn resources based on the event that took place in December: Making Your LinkedIn Profile Pop: CBSAC/NY Social Media Marketing Event

Finally, here are the latest links to articles and news about practical marketing on Twitter, coded #PracticalMktr: Practical Simple Marketing In The News - 12/14/10

As always, Thank You for reading.

Have a wonderful January.



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