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Friday, September 30, 2011

Retail Experience in the News - 9/3011

Wordle: #retailexpAmazing - the last day of September already and time the 9/30/11 issue of Retail Experience in the News...  recapping the latest articles and links shared on Twitter with the #retailexp hashtag this past week.

Retail Experience and Customer Service

  • 5 ways customer stories build brands: http://ow.ly/6Ejfw What r your stories? #retailexp

Retail Experience Ideas

  • Mobile devices in stores speed checkout across range of retailers #retailexp http://ow.ly/6Elk3
  • I love watching Toys R Us reinvent its #retailexp http://ow.ly/6Elx5
  • I do wish Wegman's were closer by so I could experience its #retailexp http://ow.ly/6xSFP
  • The NRF Stores favorite 50: Amazon, WalMart, eBay top list. Notice focus on value & redefining it http://ow.ly/6EleB #retailexp
  • Using nostalgia to connect with customers: http://ow.ly/6EkuI Love Martin Lindstrom perspective #retailexp
  • Innovation lessons imported from Detroit: http://ow.ly/6EjvJ - applicable to #retailexp!

Integrating Online with Offline

  • Imagine: personal food shopping b/c technology enables online customization http://ow.ly/6EkZF #retailexp
  • Retailers, have you considered h2 build social commerce on yr site? Here R 3 ways: http://ow.ly/6El6G #retailexp
  • 7 ways shoppers are getting smarter #retailexp:... http://t.co/AwnPjE7l
  • What Google+ means for retailers fr @retexperience http://ow.ly/6EkbN #retailexp

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Enjoy and thanks for reading!


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