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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The M20: Top Marketer Blogs: Why I Blog?

Forrester Research's Peter Kim - who blogs at Being Peter Kim - has created a powerful resource with the M20 list of top client side marketing blogs. He has just published the November list and it's an honor for Flooring The Consumer to be included.

Peter has enhanced the M20 list blog by showcasing blogging marketers and highlighting why each blogs. Although each answers the same questions, the paths taken to blogging vary greatly. It's fascinating to read.

To date you can learn more about:
+ Max Kalehoff - AttentionMax. He blogs at AttentionMax about marketing, media, and life. He is VP of Marketing at Nielsen Online.

+ Valeria Maltoni - Conversation Agent. Her blog, Conversation Agent, discusses "how talk can change our lives." She is Director of Marketing Communications at SunGard Availability Services.

+ Tamara Gielen - BeRelevant blogs at BeRelevant about email marketing best practices. She is an email marketing manager at eBay in Belgium.

+ Todd "Turbo" Watson - IBM blogs at IBM about technology and e-business. He is the e-relationship manager at IBM Software Group.

+ Kris Hoet - 'Cross The Breeze from 'Cross The Breeze blogs about interactive, technology and a host of related topics. He is the EMEA Marketing Manager for Microsoft.

+ Kevin Dugan - Strategic Public Relations blogs at Strategic Public Relations. He is Director of Marketing Communications at FRCH Design Worldwide.

I'm very excited that Flooring The Consumer and C. B. Whittemore from Wear-Dated are the latest additions! You can find us at C.B. Whittemore, Flooring The Consumer.

Thanks, Peter!

In other news, The Hughes Group publishes a digital newsletter called The Nudge and included a story about Flooring The Consumer in the October 2007 issue.

Very exciting!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Christine! It's a real joy to watch your visibility grow, and I'm sure your business is prospering as well! I do love your blog!
Linsey Levine

CB Whittemore said...

Thanks, Linsey, for your wonderful support!

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