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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Underground Potters 2007 Show and Sale

For those of you in the New York City area, especially in New Jersey, I invite you to visit the....

Underground Potters
Show & Sale

It takes place in 2 locations in Bergen County, NJ:

The Art School at Old Church located at 561 Piermont Road in Demarest, NJ from 11/3 through 11/17/2007

The Glen Rock Library located at 315 Rock Road in Glen Rock, NJ from 11/1 through 11/30/2007.
Come to the official reception
at The Art School at Old Church
on Saturday, 11/3, 2007 from 1pm to 3pm.

It's a fun time to meet the potters and ask them questions about their work.

The Underground Potters consist of 7 very talented potters who have been exhibiting together for the past four years:

Susan Bogen-Zarrabi
Allan Drossman
Itsuko Ishiguro
Ellen Mulligan
Sandy Pancrazi
Cynthia Shevelew
Ted Whittemore

They got their name from the location of the pottery studio at The Art School at Old Church [hint: it's underground] and have each refined an unique approach to clay.

You'll see a wide range of vessels, glazes, design effects and end use.

Disclaimer: my husband is an Underground Potter, and mighty talented if you ask me! These are some of his pieces.

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Anonymous said...

Wow these plates are amazing! Will have to buy a couple off your husband when I come to NYC next year!

CB Whittemore said...

Lolly, I passed your comments to my husband. He says Merci!

CB Whittemore said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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