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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bringing the Bathroom Blogfest Truly Home

Continuing with Day 5 [yes, into Day 6] of the Bathroom Blogfest, I have one more entry relating to Bringing The Bathroom Blogfest Home. And that is bringing it into the home.

Starting with "The Master Bath Matures. Luxury amenities and calming colors create peaceful and convenient settings in master bath suites" by Maureen Alley from the May 2007 issue of RDB Magazine. It is filled with glamorous bathrooms photos and interesting tidbits [e.g., baths vs. showers].

Some particularly relevant quotes from the article: "homeowners ... expect their bathrooms to offer them a peaceful haven from the commotions of work, children and traffic. Homeowners want their master bathrooms to provide a Zen feeling in a spa setting." [might this remind you of Taking Bathrooms To The Next Level - Kohler?]

The section on Functionality reminds me of Bathroom Blogfest Brings It Home to Retail: "The key to designing a truly functional master bathroom starts with finding out what works and doesn’t work in a client’s existing setting. “We need to find out what the key elements are in their minds — what they don’t like about their master baths. Then we need to take away all the negatives and make it a total positive room design,” Trzcinski says. "

I hope you are thinking how you might help this consumer extend the Zen feeling to the rest of her house via her flooring and carpet choices? As the bathroom evolves, so do the other rooms in the house...

This 01/25/2007 New York Times article by Suzanne Gannon titled For the High-End Bathroom, Something Unexpected examines another aspect of home bathrooms: urinals which are becoming "a definite must for luxury master suites." However, as "there is still a certain amount of squeamishness about home urinals, particularly among women, so marketers are focusing on designer style and claims about cleanliness in an effort to overcome negative associations." Interestingly, urinals even offer environmental benefits... Combine that with hand sculpted artistic statements of style and you get an article definitely worth reading.

For design ideas, you might consider visiting Kate Smith [from Sensational Color]'s Room Vues and checking out Bathroom Vues.

Finally, it just doesn't seem right during a Bathroom Blogfest not to review some history. Nora DePalma from Building Profits forwarded me these links to the Flushology section of PlumberProtects.com, a website American Standard maintains for plumbers, including:

+ The History of Flushing
+ Videos on how toilets are developed and tested

She reminds us, too, given our need to conserve water to look for the new WaterSense label for toilets from the EPA—very similar to ENERGYSTAR.

With that, the 2007 Bathroom Blogfest has truly brought it home!

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