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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bathroom Blogfest - More Extreme Solutions

Although we've already touched on some interesting Bathroom Blogfest 2007 - Extreme Solutions, I had a few more to share....

First, my absolute drop-dead favorite ladiesrooms experience ever took place this past May in Chicago during the Come Decorate From The Floor Up With Thom Filicia event.

The Field Museum bathroom redefines the bathroom experience. It welcomes visitors, immediately putting them at ease, surrounding them with convenience and culture. I have never encountered such zen-like calm in a public bathroom. My one regret is that there weren't nooks and crannies for sitting and relaxing in.

Look at the soothing aqua green/sky blue color scheme. Doesn't that dome capture the illusion of daylight sky and clouds?

When I took the photo above, I had this lovely exhibit to my back.

Doesn't it make tremendous sense to showcase artwork in the bathroom of a museum? And what a great choice of items [colors, shapes and media]. That plus the lighting really catches the eye.

Going back to the sink, water and soap dispense automatically.

Notice the hand drying section, a special alcove where several people can stand side by side. Again, painted in that beautiful deep cerulean blue with great lighting.

The flooring material echoes the wall color scheme as well as the architectural elements [e.g., the dome above].

Now, notice the sign in the right hand side photo. By creating a Tot Area bathroom section - complete with child sized automatic sinks, dryers and toilets, the Field Museum communicates to its visitors - regardless of size - that they are important. How thoughtful and clued in to their customer base.

Extreme? Yes... Extremely well executed for moms with kids and women in general.

This next example also comes from Chicago [different trip]: Billy Goat Tavern. You may remember it from the old Saturday Night Live Days with John Belushi. Or, perhaps you remember the infamous words "Cheezeborger, Cheezeborger, Coke no Pepsi, Cheeps no Fries"....

In any case, this was the real deal down to the fine historical patina covering walls and memorabilia.

In this extreme tavern, I loved that the Billy Goat theme was reinforced so consistently, even when it came to indicating where the bathrooms were.

Definitely in character. The bathrooms were nothing special, but they worked.

This last image comes from a bathroom in the Dallas airport. Although this may not fit your definition of 'extreme', it does mine as it represents extreme thoughtfulness and convenience. My reaction? Extreme
appreciation for not being forced to use the floor...

As you think through your retail experience, how does it match up? Are your bathrooms examples of extreme solutions? Or are they sources of extreme embarrassment?

Don't let a frightful Hallowe'en bathroom ruin your experience! Ubereye says it best: Don't forget the bathroom.

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Anonymous said...

Ah...! NOW I get it!!

: )

Not sure HOW I missed BBF!

CB Whittemore said...

Ann, you've just been too busy redesigning Marketing Profs newsletter. Next year I hope you will join us...

Bathroom Blogfest said...

Wow - those are great photos at the Field museum. That's everything we all want!

CB Whittemore said...

Thanks! I thought you might like those.

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