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Monday, October 29, 2007

Taking Bathrooms To The Next Level: Michigan Tile & Carpet

And, now, it's time to take flooring bathrooms to the next level!

Michelle Burnett, our Wear-Dated Representative in Michigan excitedly told me last week about Michigan Tile & Carpet in Battlecreek, Michigan and their bathroom which -she says - is sooooooo cool!

I love enthusiasm, especially around bathrooms and particularly around flooring bathrooms, so I followed up with Ashley Kipp at Michigan Tile & Carpet. Oh, my!

Isn't this a spectacular bathroom! Doesn't it give new meaning to ladiesrooms experience and taking that to a new level?

Here is how Ashley describes the space:

"For centuries, glass tile has been one of the prime materials that fuses art with architecture. In Michigan Tile & Carpet's Design Center Restroom, we sought to create a modern yet stately space. Classic architectural details -with a twist- are represented by the glass block column lighting fixtures.

Modern attributes consist of the Polished Porcelain floor and wall tile, along with the bright orange glass tile counter top and mirror frame.

The back lit tempered glass lavatory bowl is the finishing touch giving the total space a translucent and sparkling feeling."

Materials used:
+ Floor and Walls: 24x24" Polished Porcelain by Laufen
+ Lighting fixtures mounted inside Glass Block columns
+ Counter top and Mirror Border: Florida Tile Orange Glass tiles.

I asked Ashley what kind of response the bathroom has generated from consumers. She says:

"Christine, our customers love, love, love the bathroom. I believe that the bathroom has a big city feel, and - coming from a small town- we hope that it inspires our customers to think outside the box for their own projects.

We don't often redo our bathrooms, but we make sure that they are modern and tasteful so they don't date quickly."

Next time you are near Battle Creek, Michigan, visit Michigan Tile & Carpet at 99 E. Columbia Ave. [tel: 269-962-6227] and be inspired by a bathroom that truly takes the experience to the next level!

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