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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Let the 2007 Bathroom Blogfest Begin....

As mentioned in Announcing the Bathroom Blogfest 2007, it's time to get the 2007 Bathroom Blogfest going.

You may have noticed other recent announcements from Blog Till You Drop, Customer Experience Crossroads, Customers Rock, and The Engaging Brand. Do note how each demonstrates an unique approach and perspective in addressing the topic of 'ladiesrooms.'

In fact, here are the two latest postings: Potty Propaganda and Funny Bathroom Experiences.

Are you are still wondering - why bathrooms? How do you answer the following questions?

Do you take your retail experience seriously? Do you care about the messages your environment projects onto consumers? Do you care whether consumers breathe a sigh of relief upon entering your store or shudder in disgust and escape as quickly as possible? Do you want your customers to tell everyone they know about what a fabulous experience they had, and what impeccable service they encountered at your store?

Or, are you indifferent to it all?

Bathrooms matter to women and to men. Particularly to women and especially to men with children. Clean bathrooms send a strong message that you CARE about your consumers, and that you take care of DETAILS.

Women have high standards for the bathroom experience. We will judge you by your bathrooms and reward you through their purchases. Why? Because the attention you pay to your bathrooms reflects a similar level of attention we can expect from you in your service and in your overall retail experience.

Are you with me? The best retailers in the business are...

Here's what you can expect during this years' Bathroom Blogfest from Flooring The Consumer :
+ Monday: taking it to the next level
+ Tuesday: brand manifestations
+ Wednesday: extreme solutions
+ Thursday: measuring it
+ Friday: bringing it home

Be warned: I have a wealth of examples and ideas to share with you!

Participating in the 2007 Bathroom Blogfest are:

Don't forget to check the Bathroom Blogfest group site.

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Anonymous said...

This is a little weird, but can I still get involved in this bathroom blogfest (this year 2008)? I've been looking for an excuse to write about the innovative rest-stop bathrooms from the places I've visited in the past years.

So, if it's possible, I'd love to participate in this.

CB Whittemore said...

Bathroom design, I'm not sure that we'll be doing bathrooms again, but you are more than welcome to participate. Thanks for visiting and for your interest.

Anonymous said...

i didn't hear anything about this year blogfest...

CB Whittemore said...

website counters, we haven't yet made any announcements, but have started discussions.

I'm grateful to your note. It suggests that you enjoyed the Bathroom Blogfest. How fun!

Thanks for visiting.

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