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Monday, October 29, 2007

Taking Bathrooms To The Next Level - II

After Taking Bathrooms To The Next Level - Kohler, it's time to go even higher -- into flight, in support of conservation and into the future.

This article, titled Jet Green from the September 2007 issue of Metropolis magazine, caught my imagination and attention. I love airplanes, and this beautiful new bird, the Boeing Dreamliner 737, represents a feast for the senses. Check out Boeing's New Airplane and click on 787 Dreamliner site. You'll find all kinds of information and imagery that bring to life how unusual this beautiful machine is. [By the way, if you love planes, consider reading Randy's Journal, by Boeing's Randy Tinseth. His blog is also on Peter Kim's The M20: Top Marketer Blogs.]

The article above details how the Dreamliner enhances the passenger's experience, down to the universal bathroom with touchless features. It's even considered a Dream Toilet for Boeing 787 Dreamliner for people with disabilities and Boeing 787 Dreamliner explains that, with windows tinting automatically, there's no fear of being seen.

Boeing Dreamliner Interior Design and Boeing Dreamliner A More Sustainable Aircraft offer additional perspective on this magical aircraft.

Thanks to David Polinchock, we have the opportunity to appreciate Silverjet: In the Air, complete with bathrooms for women only! Unfortunately, the Viral Video from Silverjet he refers to is no longer available.

Although B.L. Ochman's Toto Takes Covering Its Ass to New Heights focuses on the expression of Toto's $5000 "Clean is happy" Washlet toilet, Marie Hunt says that It's ok to be a TOTO potty mouth especially if you find a low-water version. Check out her post including her endorsement of Terry Love's toilet review site.

Did you know that, according to Bathroom Sink Faucets to Bear EPA's WaterSense Label, "Consumers will soon be able to identify high-performance, water-efficient sink faucets for their bathrooms now that EPA has released a product specification for ones that use about 30 percent less water than conventional models."? They can already locate WaterSense labeled toilets. Saving water saves energy, two critical resources for us all. Learn more about the EPA's WaterSense.

This article from 09/05/2007 titled Citigroup Tries Banking On The Natural Kind of Green describes the retrofitting of Citibank buildings to consume less energy. I enjoyed the article on a number of fronts. First, from a flooring perspective: "...replacing marble floors in its hospital lobbies with recycled rubber ones reduced the incidence of slips and falls by patients and staff." [In Pounding Las Vegas Pavements, I showed pictures of the new shiny marble flooring that the Atlanta airport has installed. I wonder how many bad falls those floors have caused?] From a Bathroom Blogfest perspective, the article says that "building managers are testing a new urinal design that doesn't use water."

And, as it relates to the future, AdAge's 07/16/2007 article titled Look, No Hands! K-C's Bathroom of the Future. Marketer Does Deep Dive Into Consumers Washroom Habits by Jack Neff [registration required], discusses not only high-speed hand drying and automatic vocal reminders to wash hands, but also automatic toilet-paper dispensers [This, too, yields savings.], and whether people are "scrunchers, folders [or] wrappers of toilet paper"....

Finally, David Polinchock again comes through with Springwise newsletter/15 December 2006 in which he refers to London's first Superloo.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say that the ladiesrooms experience is definitely being taken to a higher level, whether flying, conserving resources or simply reinventing today's basics.

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Anonymous said...

Contrary to the above article the Silverjet Ladies Loo advert is still available on YouTube and Silverjet's own website www.flysilverjet.com/silverjet-video.aspx along with their new TV ad which you will recognise, very cleverly, has more than a passing resemblence to the iconic ad from British Airways from 1989 (directed by the same famous Hollywood director Hugh Hudson).

CB Whittemore said...

Anonymous, thanks very much for the link and commentary. It did indeed bring back memories! and here is the YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgYDohoobOw.

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