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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Policy or Blog - Which Comes First? at MarketingProfs

Exciting news! My first contribution to Marketing Profs and the MP Daily Fix.

It's titled "Which Comes First: The Policy or the Blog?" and was inspired by Roy Young, President of MarketingProfs, and Laura Ramos, Senior Analyst with Forrester Research, discussing “What’s New for B2B Marketers” on Day 2 of the inaugural MarketingProfs B2B Forum in Chicago.

From the article:

"Laura expressed her take on corporate blogging: that it should only take place after a corporation has its policies in place.

What an interesting conundrum, I thought. Should a marketer simply start blogging or wait instead until all of the blogging policies and procedures are established before beginning?

Although the absolute answer is that it depends on the organization, the industry, the product or service, I suggest strongly that the blog come before the policy."

I include two examples from the conference illustrating the possibilities...

+ Deborah Franke, e-Marketing Manager for Emerson Process Management, and

+ Todd Andrlik, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Leopardo Companies, Inc., who shared the powerful and vibrant newsroom, Leopardo Construction News, he created using a blogging platform.

You'll find many more details supporting my position in the full article "Which Comes First: The Policy or the Post?".

You can also add your take on the subject via MarketingProfs Daily Fix blogpost "Which Comes First....".

We're having a lively discussion around this new marketing medium, and how best to get started. Comments are most welcome!

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