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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bathroom Brand Manifestations: Mickey Mouse

No discussion of brand manifestations - especially in a Bathroom Blogfest - can be complete without Mickey Mouse.

After all, I Have Met The Mouse and I see the Mouse everywhere. Don't you think that I have signs of Bathroom Brand Manifestations relating to Mickey Mouse?

I do.

And, having addressed Bathroom Brand Manifestations involving M&M's and Bass Pro Shop, it's definitely time to turn to the Disney Yacht Club Resort in Orlando to visit with Mickey Mouse.

Lovely bathroom, isn't it? I thought so. I thought the grey striped wallpaper worked well with the marble counter top and the white sink bowl.

In the bath area, I immediately saw this bath stuff 'arrangement.' I particularly like the strong Mickey Welcome message with the playful graphic of Mickey's eyes, nose and partial ear.

Hard to see, but the soap has Mickey embossed on it and the bottles have a white Mickey outline.

Interestingly, if it weren't for the bold, contrasting Mickey welcome sign, the effect wouldn't be as noticeable or as welcoming.

Although the tub display above is what caught my eye initially, when I washed my hands, I saw this other Mickey Welcome sign and two
fantastic coasters.

Aren't they engaging? No surprise, they came home with me.

As you've seen with M&M's and Bass Pro Shop, Bathroom Brand Manifestations are powerful. Take your brand and make sure that you express it even in the bathrooms. Not only will you convey that you pay strong attention to details, but also that your brand never stops making an impression and creating an experience.

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October is National Kitchen & Bath Month!

Don't forget to check the Bathroom Blogfest group site.

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