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Monday, December 10, 2007

Color-Emotion From Mohawk - Part IV: Desert Neutrals

Next in Mohawk's Color-Emotion presentation:

The desert provides a beautiful display of colors and textures that serve as inspiration for our homes.

Consumers continue to reach out to nature as a way to connect with what is comforting and real for their home.

Neutrals are a constant in home decor, but their character and personality are always changing. Last year we saw colors moving in a personal direction that fit with the trend of Glamour and Sophistication. The result was the skin tone neutrals that are still visible today.

Now, as we become more environmentally aware, we see a shift toward earth tones that are elements of deserts around the globe.

The colors in this palette provide a soothing, earthy take on neutrals. Gray is warming up.

Browns have taken on both warm and cool directions.

From cooler khakis, to warm camels, to the golden yellows of the sun. Natural materials continue to be used heavily in products for the home. Wood is most prevalent in raw, rough, "found" looks.

Branches and twigs are abundantly found as art forms and in interesting accent products for the home.

Stones are another element from nature that are being used in home products in their natural form.

Natural fabrics are being used often, with linen being at the top of the list.

Other natural items seen as decorative products for the home include: seedpods used in their natural state or made of wood or other materials.

Flowers are in full bloom with roses making the dominant statement. Ginkgo leaves are showing up as a fresh design motif for the home scene.

Also look for seashells to accent the decor.

One of the most forward directions for the nature trend is the growing popularity of outdoor living.

Rooms are being created outdoors that were previously thought of as "indoor only," such as an airy kitchen in a gazebo. Outdoor bars are numerous and popular for entertaining. Courtyards and patios are favorites for relaxation. Outdoor fireplaces are "hot" and popular for enjoying the outdoors and entertaining all year round.

More and more fabrics and rugs are being designed to be weather resistant to meet the needs of this trend.

Outdoor living spaces for the home have almost become a necessity.

Expect to see a strong and growing emphasis on the merging of indoor and outdoor living, now and in the years to come.

The look and feel of nature for the home will continue to be a constant. It is the twists and turns of this trend that will be interesting to watch as we look to our natural surroundings for comfort and peace as our concern for the environment continues to grow.

Next: Eco-Chic, Eco-Elegance

Starting with Flooring Inspiration From Mohawk, read more about Color-Emotion From Mohawk - Part I, Part II - White, and Part III - Going For Baroque representing Mohawk's 2007 color presentation developed by Vickie Gilstrap, Nathan Hammett, Lauren Campbell, Luanne Holloway, Rebecca Frazee, Cliff Lyles, Susie Bell, Katherine Bugsch, and Michael Thompson.

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