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Friday, December 14, 2007

Creating The Bathroom Blogfest Community

Check out this cool badge. Have you noticed it on my sidebar?

I'm very proud of it. It attests to my participation in the 2006 and 2007 Bathroom Blogfest.

Designed by Susan Abbott from Customer Experience Crossroads, it captures the whimsical yet serious nature of the Bathroom Blogfest. After all, 24 accomplished writers had no trouble over a full week discussing the ladiesroom experience. From a variety of fascinating expert perspectives... while traveling, as artwork, as a communications vehicle, in museums and libraries, in restaurants, in retail establishments, at work, as brand statements.... It goes on!

Through each post, the Bathroom Blogfest contributors illustrated unique ways of perceiving, evaluating and improving the overall user experience. Yes, ladiesrooms represent basic spaces, yet these spaces are critical to the overall brand experience and message.

Bathrooms matter.

They matter to consumers.

They matter to women.

By the way, were you aware that Charmin has brought the PottyPalooza back to Times Square, NYC for the Holidays? Check out Stephanie's post on Charmin's Holiday Restrooms in Times Square She includes fabulous high-res images from Kohler. [Here's the release about Kohler providing exclusive water-conserving toilets and faucets to Charmin's Times Square restrooms.]

So, you see, Bathrooms do matter!

And calling attention to what makes an optimal bathroom experience takes perception, dedication, humour and great enthusiasm.

For that reason, I commend all of my fellow Bathroom Blogfesters and invite all participants in the 2007 Bathroom Blogfest to proudly display their badge and/or post about it. And, when you flaunt your badge, have it direct visitors to the Bathroom Blogfest group site!

Kate Rutter—Adaptive Path, Laurence Helene Borel—Blog Till You Drop, Iris Shreve Garrott—checking out and checking in, Susan Abbott—Customer Experience Crossroads, Maria Palma—Customers Are Always, Becky Carroll—Customers Rock!, Toby Bloomberg—Diva Marketing, Stephanie Weaver—Experienceology, Linda Tischler—Fast Company Now, C.B. Whittemore—Flooring the Consumer, Ed Pell—K+B DeltaVee, Helene Blowers—Library Bytes, Claudia Schiepers—Life and its little pleasures, Katie Clark—Practical Katie, Sandra Renshaw—Purple Wren, Reshma Anand—Qualitative Research, Marianna Hayes—Results Revolution, Carolyn Townes—Spirit Women, Sara Cantor—The Curious Shopper, Anna Farmery—The Engaging Brand, Dee McCrorey—The Ultimate Corporate Entrepreneur, Katia S. Adams—Transcultural, Katie Konrath-Get Fresh Minds, Jennifer Brite-Kitchen and Bath Business

You worked hard during the Bathroom Blogfest, so why not add the badge to your blogsite. Continue the conversation about what we've observed and uncovered. That is the sure path to improvement, to cleaning up the ladiesrooms...

Via the Bathroom Blogfest Badge, I celebrate the enthusiasm and cleverness of this amazing community. Whether Bathrooms remain the subject of the next Blogfest or not, I guarantee that whatever the topic, this community will enthusiastically do it justice.

I also predict that it will continue to grow.

Long live the B.B.C.!

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