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Friday, October 30, 2009

Bathrooms & The Hospitality Experience: How Much Is Too Much?

Philip Johnson House BathroomI have a question for you. As it relates to your Hospitality Experience - think hotels - how much bathroom is too much bathroom?

Read through this fascinating New York Times article from 4/5/09 titled "Bathrooms That Are Part of the View." What do you think?

According to the article, open bathrooms are a new trend in hotels, particularly swanky ones or ones eager to communicate in a bold way that these aren't your grandmothers' tubs.

Imagine, having a tub in the middle of the bedroom, or simply a glass partition to separate [and probably contain humidity] the bed from the bath rooms...

Some of it highlights the luxuriousness of the bathroom, which often takes up to 50% of the allocated hospitality space.

Some of it is to disguise space constraints - open, after all, seems bigger.

The article lists benefits associated with such transparency: "Transparency allows travelers to multitask in the tub... watch television, chat with a companion or simply gaze out the window."

Although it really doesn't allow you to shut the world, and others, out physically and figuratively.

Another point: coldness - both visual and physical. All of that glass and openness doesn't do much for keeping a body or a bathtub warm....

So, I ask you, "How much is too much for your hospitality experience?" Are you in the warm, cozy and private bathroom camp or the open, transparent and possibly glass enclosed camp?

Interestingly, the photo above is of the bathroom from the Philip Johnson Glass House, the only non-transparent room in the house... Image Credit: Apartment Therapy, The Bathroom At The Glass House

Happy Bathroom Blogfest '09!

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Diploma in Hospitality said...

this bathroom design is quite expensive but makes me feel very depress. I think is the color and the two mirror position.

CB Whittemore said...

Diploma, you make an interesting point about the color and overall effect of the bathroom. It does have a somewhat gloomy quality. I'd be interested in seeing how a brighter color scheme affects the overall mood. What do you think?

Thanks for visiting.

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