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Monday, November 02, 2009

Bathroom Blogfest 09 - Recap

Bathroom Blogfest 09Bathroom Blogfest 09 is over. And, what a wild week it was. Did you enjoy the variety of perspectives? Here's a recap of the action I took part in here, at the Simple Marketing Blog, and also on the Carpetology Blog.

On The Carpetology Blog:
Design Your Bathroom Around Your Rug!

On The Simple Marketing Blog:
+ Bathroom Blogfest 09: Ready to Flush The Recession & Plunge Into Forgotten Spaces
+ Liane Evans Blends Social Media & Search For Greater Marketing Impact
+ Listening to Customers & Bathroom Blogfest 09
+ Making Things Simple is Not Simple - Simplicity In Design Solutions
+ BJ Fogg's Persuasive Bathroom Epiphany: Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Mixer 09
+ Flush The Recession Simply & Ecologically

On Flooring The Consumer:
Kaboom - Bathroom Blogfest 09 sponsor+ Bathroom Blogfest 09: Off and Running
+ Retail Experience Kaboom Contest: Bathroom Blogfest 09
+ Bathrooms & The Retail Experience
+ Charmin & Bathroom Blogfest 09
+ Hotel Bathtubs Going The Way of the Fingerbowl - Bathroom Blogfest 09
+ The Best Bathrooms Remind You Of Home
+ Bathrooms & The Hospitality Experience: How Much Is Too Much?

If you have a chance, do check out the Entire Bathroom Blogfest 09 Lineup that I just completed on BathroomBlogfest.com. It includes links to everyone who participated and their posts and a transcript of the Twitter conversation.

There you go.

Now, about this year's Bathroom Blogfest - which story was your favorite?

2009 Bathroom Blogfest participants include:

Susan Abbott at Customer Experience Crossroads
Reshma Anand at Qualitative Research Blog
Shannon Bilby at From the Floors Up
• Shannon Bilby and Brad Millner at My Big Bob’s Blog
Laurence Borel at Blog Till You Drop
Jeanne Byington at The Importance of Earnest Service
Becky Carroll at Customers Rock!
Leslie Clagett at KB Culture
Katie Clark at Practical Katie
Iris Shreve Garrott at Checking In and Checking Out
Julie at Julie’s Cleaning Secrets Blog
Marianna Hayes at Results Revolution
Maria Palma at People To People Service
Professor Toilet at Professor Toilet’s Blog
David Reich at My 2 Cents
Bethany Richmond at The Carpet and Rug Institute Blog
Carolyn Townes at Becoming a Woman of Purpose
Stephanie Weaver at Experienceology
C.B. Whittemore at Flooring The Consumer and Simple Marketing Blog
Linda Wright at Lindaloo.com: Build Better Business with Better Bathrooms

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