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Monday, October 26, 2009

Retail Experience Kaboom Contest: Bathroom Blogfest 09

Kaboom sponsors Bathroom Blogfest 09Per my post yesterday - Bathroom Blogfest 09: Off & Running - I have in store a Kaboom contest to celebrate the 4th annual Bathroom Blogfest.

Kaboom, you see, is the Official Bathroom Blogfest 2009 Sponsor - a first in the history of our event.

What it means is that some of us participating in the 2009 Bathroom Blogfest expressed interest in learning more about Kaboom [from Church & Dwight, the makers of Arm & Hammer, OxiClean and others] and in conducting a giveaway with our readers. [Note: I've never done a giveaway before... so I'm excited!]

First, details about the products.

We received a free sample Kaboom cleaning kit to experiment with for ourselves. In the photo, you see what I received:

Kaboom Cleaning System

Kaboom Bowl Blaster
Kaboom Foam-Tastic
Kaboom Scrub Free!

I, for one, had never used Kaboom products although my nephew swears by OxiClean [a product I have seen in action]. I was intrigued.

The product looked fun [love the purple and green].

I really don't look forward to toilet-cleaning. We have very hard water and I've been at wit's end trying to come up with a successful solution that doesn't wreak havoc on the septic system or accelerate the deterioration of the toilet mechanism rubber gaskets, and smells clean.

I wasn't sure, though, what to expect from the foaming and color-changing effects.

This next photo shows you the 'guts' of the Kaboom Scrub Free system. Of the three items, this is the least 'showy.' It's easy to install and I can smell that it is working. But, it's a quiet participant in the cleaning action...

Kaboom Scrub FreeThe other two items are just pure fun. They smell absolutely marvelous [yes, I do believe that a delightful smell is an important element that communicates cleanliness in a bathroom experience] and the toilet action is memorable. Bowl Blaster in particular brings to life "Flush The Recession!"

See for yourselves in the short videos on the Kaboom Bathroom Blogfest Deal site.

I'd love to share with one of you a similar Kaboom experience. Which brings me to my contest.

Now, the contest details.

Between today Monday, October 26 and through Friday, October 30, 2009 I will select a winner.

To be a winner, you must post a comment on Flooring The Consumer describing an amazing, memorable, game-changing retail experience that involves a bathroom. In your comment, you must include "#ladiesrooms09" [at the end is fine].

If your story is too long to fit in the comments, feel free to email me your story [cbwhittemore [at] gmail [dot] com] and indicate in your comment that an email is coming. Don't keep me waiting too long for your email, though.

Please keep your comments 'clean.'

Note that I intend to republish some or all of those comments, so if you aren't comfortable with that, don't comment.

However, I hope you will want to share with us your story of a retail buying experience positively affected by a bathroom, one that brings to life "Flush The Recession & Plunge Into Forgotten Spaces."

Please let me know if you have questions.

Happy Bathroom Blogfest 09!

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Bath said...

Hey, great post, very well written. You should blog more about this!

CB Whittemore said...


Thanks for the feedback!

And I will be blogging about this again. Tune in in October for the next Bathroom Blogfest!


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